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Discover the surprisingly simple solution that turns visitors into profitable leads and buyers in Ashburn VA

If you’re frustrated with seeing most of the website traffic you get leave without ever doing anything…

...then you’ll want to know how companies like Honda, American Eagle Outfitters, Nissan & Dell get 50% more business from their existing traffic (and how you can do the same).

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JohnathanFrom the desk of Jonathan Campbell


Dear Business Owner,

Are you frustrated with paying money to bring traffic to your website without getting any real increase in sales?

Are you upset to see 98% of your website traffic leave without ever buying anything or becoming a lead?

Have you been struggling with converting traffic to your website into real leads and customers and don’t know what to do anymore?

The reason why most of your traffic leaves your website without buying is because it has the same problem retail stores have.

Let Me Explain

Not that long ago I needed to get a wireless mouse and keyboard for a computer my son got as a gift.

So I went to a name brand electronic store located in a mall near me. The moment I walked in I saw 3 clerks standing behind the counter chatting but ignoring their customers.

I tried to locate what I needed on my own but couldn’t seem to find what I wanted or anyone interested enough to help. So I left.

Then I headed to the same name brand electronic store but at a different mall. This time my experience was totally different. For one thing there was someone there to greet me as I walked in the door.

Instead of hunting around on my own again I asked the clerk to help me find what I needed. They brought me to where they had their keyboards, answered my questions, told me what to avoid and why and then made a couple of recommendations.

I was in and out of that store with a new wireless keyboard & mouse in less than 10 min.

Your Website Is Like A Store With No One Around
To Help Customers Answer Questions or Find Solutions

Your website is just like that first electronic store I went to.

You’ve got stuff for sale but no one around to help your visitor find exactly what they need or answer their questions.
You're LOSING money with any paid advertising whenever someone comes to your website and doesn't become a lead or customer.
Unless you target perfectly, you’re leaving a LOT of money on the table while losing leads, customers and sales.
People are becoming more and more distracted and leave your website almost as soon as they get there
Making more sales and profits online seems like an exercise in frustration.
Don’t feel bad because big companies like Get Response have suffered from the same problem.

Until, that is, they discovered a secret that lets them easily communicate “live” in real time with anyone surfing on their website.

How To Stop Frustrating Your Website Visitors
And Get Them To Become Customers Instead

Before I tell you what they discovered, let me ask you…
  • What would happen if your website had the power to be just as helpful as the clerk in that second electronic store where I bought my wireless keyboard & mouse from?

  • How many more sales would you be able to make today if you could actually communicate live, one-on-one with anyone who is on your website right now?

  • How much more profit could you make if you were able to answer questions people had about a particular product/service right at the exact moment they were looking at it on your website?

I’m willing to bet a lot.

The good news is that you CAN do all that and more just by pasting a simple piece of code on your website. A code that gives you the ability to chat live anytime you want with anyone on your website.

It’s like having a text messaging system for your website but one where your visitors don’t install anything – they just click on a little icon on the bottom of your website and start chatting with you “live” and in real time.

The Shocking Results Of Interacting “Live”
With Your Website Visitors

Look what happened when these companies added a Live Chat system to their website…

Honda:through improved customer service.

“Live chat allows us to gather more feedback than any other communication tool. We learn about our customers’ problems and expectations and we know how to respond to them fast. As a result, more customers stay with us longer and we manage to keep them highly satisfied”


Nissan: 86 percent of their customers say that a live chat system is the best aspect of their customer service.

“Live chat allows us to provide faster answers and get instant feedback from customers, also leading to an overall higher customer satisfaction”

Touchsupport: Their revenue increased by 30% and customer happiness by 11%.

“So far in 2015, 24 percent of our new customers initially contact our team via live chat, what translates into over 30 percent of our expected revenue”


Luxury Estates: Their customer conversion increased by 30%.

“Live chat is an opportunity to gain trust and a comfortability level that then allows for a quick chat to turn into a phone call and face-to-face meeting.”

Jeromes Furniture: Realized a 1000% rise in conversion rates for customers accessing chat.

“We found people who engaged in chat had an ecommerce conversion rate 1000% higher than non-chat users.”

Major Brands Are Now Using Live Chat To
Convert MORE Of Their Existing Traffic
And Drastically Cut Their Advertising Expenses
No matter what size of business you have, our “LiveClientChat” System will let you…
  • Engage your customers faster than ever before. You no longer have to wait for them to call, email or walk in through the door. You can talk to them the second they show up on your website

  • Talk to customers “live” and in real time to answer questions, make recommendations, solve problems, set up appointments and make sales

  • Easily handle with 3 live chat conversations at the same time letting you triple your opportunities to close a sale. With email or telephone you can only handle one person at a time

  • Know immediately what part of the world your customer is located in and use that information to help establish deeper rapport and greater trust.

  • Dramatically drop the number of time consuming emails and phone calls you receive. Website visitors can now get immediate answers to questions rather than having to wait hours or days for a return email or phone call.

  • Keep your customer’s attention and interest on your product/service without the interruption of having to write an email or pick up the phone. Interruptions causes potential customers to lose interest and click away to somewhere else. By removing this barrier you make it easier for visitors to buy from you.

  • Instantly reduce your advertising expenses. Rather than spending money to increase website traffic, you’ll convert more of the traffic you already get into sales.

  • You can “strike while the iron is hot” and make more sales by engaging clients at the peak moment of their desire for your products/services. Forcing them to wait for a return call or email is like throwing ice water on their interest and can kill any chance of you have of converting them into a customer

  • Have an edge over your competition and really stand apart from them. While people wait hours to get answers from your competition you’ll be converting them into customers by giving them answers to questions seconds after they are asked.

  • Get instant customer feedback so you can zero in and learn more about your customer needs

  • Reach out “live” to your customers – right from your website – no matter where in the world they live

There’s more LiveClientChat chat can do for you. A LOT more. Including…

Make it easier and less intimidating for people to contact you through the chat system than by phone… have people feel comfortable knowing they are talking to a real person and not a robot… end the frustration of “long hold times” with annoying music…create a new avenue to build relationships with existing and prospective clients and even…

Immediately Deal With Any Doubts
So You Can Close More Sales Right Then And There!

By answering your customers’ questions quickly, you save them time, increase their satisfaction and boost your sales.

You can even turn the live chat system on and off anytime you like. That way if you have limited time you can just use it when your website is busiest or whenever it makes sense to you.

Anyways, I could go on and on.

But as you can see, our Live Client Chat is a powerful and simple way you can interact with your customers the moment they are on your website.

Not only is Live Client Chat easy to install, it’s extremely intuitive to use and can be up and running on your website within minutes.

Window Shoppers Are Nice.
BUYERS Pay The Bills.
Quite simply, LiveClientChat turns MORE of your window shoppers into buyers. It's an effective strategy to convert website visitors into long term, loyal customers.
This platform is based on the PROVEN concept of live interaction with people, but takes it to an entirely new level. Meaning an explosive increase in leads, conversions and sales.

LiveClientChat – It's How To Recover
The 98% Of Your Website Visitors Who
WITHOUT Taking Action

Without LiveClientChat, you’re throwing away 98% of your traffic.

We’re here to change this for you. NOT with some flash-in-the-pan gimmick that’s here today, gone tomorrow. But with advanced technology PROVEN to convert more site visitors into leads, customers and profits.

So Who Is "LiveClientChat" For?
Retail sellers looking to give better service to their online visitors
Service companies looking to maintain their competitive edge and increase conversion
eCommerce vendors who want to turn tire kickers into buyers and MAXIMIZE profits
Anyone who wants to make their website more profitable

LiveClientChat Lets You Connect With Your HOTTEST Prospects To Maximize Your ROI By Engaging Right When They Are On Your Website

When you interact directly with anyone who comes to your site, your conversions go through the roof.

With LiveClientChat you can interact with 3 prospects at the same time.

Using a customized library of prerecorded questions and answers to "FAQs" (frequently asked questions) you can give answers quickly & efficiently - leaving a powerful impression on the customer that your company is on it's game.

Plus You Get to Increase Your Overall ROI in 2 Powerful Ways

You reduce your ad spend. The tighter your target audience, the less you’ll spend on ads.
Your conversions, sales and leads SKYROCKET. Now you’re engaging visitors directly giving them the service, answers and help they want.
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Sounds Great But Will This Work For Me?

We’re so confident LiveClientChat will deliver, we’ll take on all the risk. Try it for a full 30 days completely risk free. But we don’t stop there.

We promise when you use the system you’ll enjoy higher conversions, more sales and leads and an increase ROI.

However, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy and would feel guilty keeping your money. So buy with confidence and know you have absolutely nothing to risk when you act today.

In Fact I Am Giving Your A Double Guarantee

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Guarantee #2: If you actually USE the system and your results aren’t great, we’ll actually refund TWICE your money for the current month. All we ask is that you give me an honest effort.

That means you have zero risk and can actually…

Use This Advanced Sales Doubling
“Technology” FREE, If You Choose

But time is short and you must act fast.

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With this checklist report you will have in your hands 12 powerful persuasion techniques to immediately boost your ability to close anyone who you chat to with the LiveClientChat.

In this persuasion checklist you will discover…
  • What your potential customers are thinking when they first connect with you
  • The one emotion you can trigger at will to immediately CAPTURE the attention of your customer
  • The EXACT 4 words all potential customers are hardwired to respond to and IMPOSSIBLE for them to ignore
  • The truth behind what all your customers want (and why it’s not really your product or service)
  • The 15 action points and 11 hot tips that will jumpstart the persuasion techniques in your Live Chat Sessions
  • The #1 thing you MUST include in every offer you make
  • What all potential customers need to see before they commit to buying your product or service. If you fail to have this in place your chances to make a sale will drop like skydiving elephants without parachutes
  • What the real reason is behind most objections customers have and how to instantly dissolve it
  • Three ways to get your customers to perceive you as an Authority and follow your directions, advice and recommendations (read: buy your stuff)
  • Why admitting a “flaw” makes you instantly more likable and authentic. Harness this ability and watch your sales skyrocket
  • What you must “take away” from your customers so their desire to buy jumps through the roof.
  • What you need to add into your offer so that customers think “I’d be crazy not to advantage of this”
  • The little known “Can of Coke” technique that gets your customer to feel obligated to buy from you
  • How getting your customers to make “tiny micro commitments” makes them grease their own chute so they slide right into the sale without any resistance
  • The key strategy to making the price of your product or service totally irrelevant to the customer
  • The often overlooked thing you can add to your offer to make it even more irresistible.

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